Ride Control

OSC Shocks & Struts

Twin Tube Design

Outer tube provides a level of extra protection against road debris. The shock/strut continues to function if the outer tube is damaged and the inner tube remains intact.

Nitrogen Gas Chargeride-control1

Reduces aeration offering a greater range of control over a wider variety of road conditions as compared to non-gas units.

4-Lip Teflon Banded Piston Seal

The 41ip design provides a superior sealing solution that protects against fluid contamination. Teflon banded piston seals offer a low friction solution that delivers longer service life.

Micro Polished Chrome Plated Piston Rod

Chrome plating provides extra protection against pitting and rust.

Multi Stage Shim Valves

Multi-stage valve, which eliminates oil starvation at high speed and greatly reduces heat and pressure build up. The benefit is smooth and rapid recovery from impacts to the vehicles suspension system.

All Weather SV3 Fluid

By pressurizing the oil, engineers can eliminate the negative effects of cavitation. The result is better more consistent control and superior ride quality.

OSC Ride Control Video

OSC Complete Strut Assemblies

OSC has designed its “QWIK-FIT” Strut Assemblies for quick & easy installation, no need to take apart the original strut assembly.  Your customers can – save time & increase their profits!Strut Assembly

With OSC’s “QWIK-FIT” Strut Assemblies, there is no need to compress the original coil spring, thus making the job safer for the entire shop & no specialized tools are needed.

OSC “QWIK-FIT” Strut Assemblies are specifically designed for each corner of the vehicle to return the application to a like new driving experience!

OSC has vehicle specific part numbers to fit today’s most common cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s!

OSC is proud to announce a Limited Lifetime warranty on all “QWIK-FIT” Complete Strut Assemblies!

Each OSC “QWIK-FIT” Strut Assembly includes:

A Top of the Line OSC Strut – Incomparable durability & highly popular among today’s technicians

OE Designed Bearing Plate – Tested under extreme load conditions to ensure proper life expectancy of the part& prevent “recall steering” from taking place and preventing noise generated while driving

Upper & Lower Spring Isolators – In place to ensure that metals do not come in contact & prevent noise

Coil & Coil Seat – Designed to exact OE qualifications for each precise application to ensure proper handling & ride height

Boot & Bumper Kit  – In place to protect the OSC strut rod during unforgiving driving conditions & diminish noise generated during these conditions