Designed to meet the needs of the Professional Installer

OSC realizes that it is important to build a product that meets the professional installer’s needs. OSC also listens to its installers and incorporate their ideas and suggestions into the program to continually enhance the product.

Engineered to meet or exceed OE manufacturer’s specifications

performanceOSC understands that meeting OE specifications is the starting point, but for vehicles that are under extreme conditions or high mileage you need to go beyond these specifications to have a product that will last.

Drop in fit, form and function

OSC’s understands that it very important that the heater goes in as easily as the existing heater comes out and that it looks and functions like the original unit.

high-pressure-testHeaters are 100% tested

OSC understands that replacing a heater is major job and very time consuming. This is why we do not batch test like other manufactures. All heaters go thru an intense high pressure test to insure there are no leaks.

State of the Art testing. Cycle and Burst.

cycleandburstOSC realizes that testing is a very important part of learning how to continue to improve product. Cycle testing is flowing preheated fluid thru the unit as the pressure is raised and decreased to imitate driving conditions a minimum of 30,000 cycles.

Burst testing is the gradual increase of pressure till the unit fails pointing out the weakest area of the unit. The results are all used to create a unit with greater product longevity.

Premium grade materials used for ensuring added product longevity.

OSC understands that when producing the best product it starts with the highest grade raw materials. There are multiple levels of aluminum, stainless steel, copper, rubber and plastic. Cutting the quality in only one of these materials jeopardizes the whole unit.

95-CoverageHeater coverage for 95 percent of aftermarket coverage.

OSC is continually developing new numbers to maintain or increase on its 95 percent coverage.