April, 2015

In the fall of 2014, OSC approached Pioneer Rim and Wheel to add their line of Qwik-Fit™ loaded struts.  We were initially skeptical aboutPioneer making this product change, as Quick-Fit would be replacing an existing product category that Pioneer had been selling effectively (if not remarkably) for years.  But the OSC management team convinced us to try their product, providing a solid implementation plan, making inventory recommendations, and outlining a comprehensive launch program for January 2015.

I am pleased to report that OSC’s recommendations were strategic and immediately effective.  From the quality of the product, to pricing, to fill rates and fieldwork, this product line change has been a great success for Pioneer Rim & Wheel.Strut Assembly  In fact, since launching the OSC Qwik-Fit™ line, Pioneer has increased sales in this category 33% over the previous year.

It is with pleasure that I can recommend OSC products and personnel to my colleagues in the independent automotive aftermarket.


Bill Cousins; Vice President

Pioneer Rim and Wheel Company

Minneapolis, MN